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Wigs or Sew-ins: Which Should I Choose?

Don’t know if you should get a frontal or a regular sew-in? Then keep reading this post.

There are different reasons why ladies go for wigs or sew-ins. It could be to prevent hair loss or to add length, volume, and/or color to their natural tresses. But most importantly, we all just want our hair to look really good! So if you’re trying to choose between getting a frontal or closure or just regular bundles, what the best choice for you is boils down to the condition of your natural hair and your lifestyle.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of each side to make it easier for you to choose.


The Pros of Wigs:

1. Wigs add a certain ease to your process of getting ready. You can easily put them on and take them off from the comfort of your home. Plus, with the variety of cap sizes that wigs come in today, you get to be super comfortable with the wig you choose.

2. Wig options are endless! You can literally get anything and everything you want hair-wise with them.

3. If you’re experiencing hair loss or any other kind of hair condition, your wig will completely cover up all that for you and, as a result, give you a marvelous boost to your confidence!

4. Whatever your hair budget may be, there will always be a human hair or synthetic wig that you can afford. And yes, you can style either any way you desire.

5. Wigs help to eliminate the worry about the cost of a hairdresser. There are a ton of ways to keep your wig in tip-top condition all by yourself!

6. With today’s wigs, it is 100% possible to achieve that perfectly natural, “scalp hair” look.

The Cons of Wigs:

1. Wigs aren’t the best when the weather gets really hot especially if you are using glue. Be sure to keep a head band in your possesion at all times just in case your lace start to lift.

2. Lace Wig installs can start to add up especially if you dont know how to DIY. These days a wig install may cost you more than a sew only to last a good two weeks at best, but some if us can afford it.

3. Human hair wigs tend to be expensive, react to the weather, and need washing and styling more frequently. On the other hand, synthetic wigs can appear too unnatural, shiny, and have a shorter life span than human hair wigs.


The Pros of Sew-ins:

1. Sew-in weaves equally give you access to endless options in terms of your hair style, color, and length.

2. Your sew-in style can last up to 2 months with proper care, eliminating the need for daily styling.

3. Sew-ins are a much easier way to add volume to your natural hair.

4. Regular bundles are a much better option if you are living in warmer climates or during the summertime.

5. A good sew-in install won’t slip or move, baby!

The Cons of Sew-ins:

1. Sew-in weaves and installs can be pretty pricey, from the costs of the bundles to your hairdresser’s charge for both sewing in and the eventual removal.

2. If your hair underneath your sew-ins is braided too tight, the resulting headaches are going to make you want to rip those bundles out.

3. Sometimes if you suffer from hairloss a sew-in may not be able to cover up all of your hair loss or other hair conditions the way wigs can.

4. Maintenance can get pretty tedious because both the weaves and your natural hair will need a weekly wash to get rid of any build-up of dirt or oil. This can be worse still if you’re active at the gym.

5. Leave out can be a struggleeeee to blend especially if you are wearing a different pattern and texture.

At this juncture, we’ve given you all the advantages and disadvantages of both wigs and sew-ins, plus what it takes to properly maintain both. It is now time for you to assess all this info and decide which option will work better for you!

Then, as for the question on whether you should get a frontal or a closure, that’s a question for another day ;)

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